Our Founder

15In 1989, with the support of his pastor and father, (Supt. Elder E.T. Parker, Jr.), Elder E.T. Parker III established a mission which he called Parker Ministries West. This ministry began as a satellite of his father’s church, Parker Memorial Church of God in Christ, and was birthed through Monday evening prayer meetings in Pastor Parker’s home located at 11812 Leeila Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio. As followers were added, God gave Elder Parker the name “The Word Church,” which became the name of this ministry that was now a church on the west side of Cleveland, Ohio.
For over two years, “The Word Church” worshipped in several locations including: BellaireGardens (Bellaire Avenue), West 25th Street YMCA, and the Franklin Avenue YMCA (3200 Franklin Avenue). Then, in the spring of 1992, God led Pastor Parker to merge “The Word Church” with Christ Memorial Church of Jesus, which was located at 7344 Free Avenue, Oakwood Village, Ohio. This was a special union as Pastor Parker’s father once served as Pastor of Christ Memorial when it was known as Free Avenue Church of God in Christ. The church that was formed as a result of this merger was Christ Memorial “The Word Church.”