What is Youth For Holiness (YFH)?
Youth For Holiness (YFH, YFH Nation) was founded by Pastor Anthony T. Parker, ESQ. of Rhema Fellowship Church as a non-denominational, Christian youth mentorship program in 2004. YFH stresses the importance of excelling in education, appreciation for Gospel music, and maintaining high moral standards through a lifestyle of holiness. To support these efforts, YFH has established a $1,000 college scholarship hosted through College Now Greater Cleveland, an amazing choir and ensemble, a spiritual support program, and production of both social events and information clinics.  
With chapters in Ohio and Michigan, Youth For Holiness has become a powerful movement that is sweeping across the nation.  
Staple events include Speak-Out Sessions, the annual Summer Conference & Summit, New Year's Sing Until Morning™ Concert, and Spring YFH College Night Fellowship. For more information, email yfhnation@gmail.com, or call Rhema Fellowship Church at 216.556.5239. Membership is free, and you are guaranteed to meet “People For Your Life™!”
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